Will Clinton or Trump be a One Term President?

If elected, Donald Trump at age 70 would be the oldest person ever sworn into his first term as President. Hillary Clinton, who is a year younger than Trump, would be 69 on her first day in office, making her the third oldest person ever elected president.

Trump would be the oldest person ever elected President, Clinton the third oldest

The average age of accession to the Office of the President throughout America’s history has been just under 55. The last three presidents have been significantly younger than either Clinton or Trump. Bill Clinton was 46 when he took office, George W. Bush was 54, and Barack Obama was 47.
Both candidates have declared themselves as healthy and ready to assume office on January 20, 2017. But, the presidency is an unusually demanding position, and recent presidents have visibly aged during their term in office. While it’s far too early to know who might run for President in 2020, it’s not too hard to speculate that the out of power party will pick someone who is younger than the either Mr. Trump, or Mrs. Clinton will be in 2020. The fact that both candidates in this year’s election are approaching 70 has negated the ‘age factor’ in this cycle, but in the three prior presidential elections, voters have shown a preference for choosing younger presidents.

Could Trump announce that he’ll only serve one term before the election?

There has been some speculation that Donald Trump might announce that he will be a one-term president prior to the election. The theory is that such an announcement might appeal to voters who are increasingly demanding of change, but fear a two-term Trump presidency. It also might be seen as a selfless move on Trump’s part and demonstrate a willingness to put the country ahead of personal ambitions.
There has not been the same speculation regarding Hillary Clinton announcing in advance her intent to serve only one-term. Unlike Trump, Mrs. Clinton has been aiming for the presidency for at least the past eight years, and probably long before that.
The bottom line is that in 2020 the incumbent President will be well into their 70’s. That approaches an age where many voters may begin to question the wisdom of keeping the either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in office for another four years. The last President who failed to win a second term in office was George H.W. Bush in 1992 when he lost to Bill Clinton.

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