What if….Hillary Wins?

A Hillary Clinton win on November 8th will not be as surprising as a Hillary Clinton loss would be. For most of the past four years, it was widely expected that Mrs. Clinton would be the Democratic nominee to succeed Barack Obama in the White House. Sen. Bernie Sanders provided some excitement during the primaries but was never seen as a serious threat.

Hillary will make history

Indeed, Hillary Clinton has been running for the White House since husband Bill Clinton completed his second term as President in 2000. Her election as President would create a number of exciting firsts: first woman President in U.S. history; first spouse of a former U.S. President to occupy the Oval Office, and her husband would be the first former President to return to the White House.
It would all have been so easy except for a significant error in judgment surrounding her use of a private email account and server while serving as Secretary of State. What seemed to Mrs. Clinton as a matter of personal convenience has created questions of trust and integrity that continue to plague her campaign.

Practical, pragmatic, and moderate

Hillary Clinton is a practical, pragmatic, and moderate Democrat. Her experience in the U.S. Senate will prove valuable in enabling her to be more successful than President Obama in getting legislation passed, even if the Republicans continue to control Congress.
On economic matters, Clinton is likely to be more of a centrist, as was former President Bill Clinton, and reject some of the more progressive solutions that Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have favored. She is on record as opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, but would be more receptive to continuing global trade pacts than Donald Trump would be.
A Clinton victory would enhance the prospects of the Democrats regaining at least a tie if not an outright majority in the Senate. This would enable Clinton to appoint a more liberal-leaning justice to the existing vacancy on the Supreme Court and give her more leverage in getting her programs through Congress. Clinton would likely continue and extend the use of executive orders to bypass a recalcitrant Congress.

Tougher on foreign policy

In foreign policy, Mrs. Clinton would probably move away from the approach that President Obama has taken on several fronts. One former Obama administration official said,” I think fundamentally Secretary Clinton is tougher.” However, she supported the Iran agreement and normalizing relations with Cuba. As President, she would continue her global push for women’s rights, response to climate change and take an active role in addressing world poverty. As President, she will take a more direct and aggressive approach to finding a solution to the Syrian crisis.
America’s allies will be more welcoming of a Clinton victory than they would a Trump presidency. Clinton is much more of a globalist than is Trump and instead of seeing an “America first” attitude, the world will probably see a “stronger together” approach from Mrs. Clinton.
If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will enter the White House as a historic figure. That is apt to buy her a ‘honeymoon’ period with the country and Mrs. Clinton has the political skills to take advantage of that time to push her agenda forward.

Coming back home to the White House

For the Clinton’s, a return to the White House will be like returning home. President Clinton will be able to call on former President Clinton to undertake special missions on behalf of the country. Campaign rhetoric aside, most Americans have admired what the former President has done with the Clinton Foundation and the good works around the world that it has supported. He will be an asset to the new administration.
While Hillary Clinton has had a tough couple of weeks in the campaign, she remains the favorite.

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