Trump Urges Supporters to Vote on November 28th

On Tuesday at a rally in Panama City, Florida Donald Trump urged his supporters to go out and vote on November 28th. While everyone should indeed get out and vote, unfortunately this is not Election Day. For those wondering it actually falls on Tuesday, November 8th. Anyone heading to the polls that late is sure to be disappointed, as it is a full 20 days behind the actual date.
We’re doing something that’s incredible, it’s a movement. But if we don’t win, all it is is a little asterisk in history. There’s never been anything like this so go and register, make sure you get out and vote November 28th. - Donald Trump

Twitter has fun at Trump's expense

After the mistake many took to Twitter joking about the incident. There were calls for all Trump supporters to wait until the 28th of November, something which would surely not be good for the Trump campaign.

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