Trump Unveils his plan for Childcare

Trump was in Aston, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, on Tuesday and unveiled his plan for paying for childcare. This move was meant to appeal to female suburban voters, and was largely spearheaded by his daughter Ivanka Trump. She has been acting as a campaign advisor to her father in his bid for the presidency. While delivering his plan, Trump stated:
We need working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work, and to have access to affordable, quality child care for their kids.
- Donald Trump

Key points from Trump's childcare plan

- Capped at incomes of $250,000 for one person, or $500,000 per couple
- Individuals and couples below that could deduct expenses for up to four children or elderly relatives from their income taxes
- Dependent Care Savings Accounts would provide a tax advantaged savings account to be used by individuals of any income bracket to save for child and elder care
- Those below the threshold of paying income taxes would see up to $1,200 more per year from the Earned Income Tax Credit
- Six weeks paid maternity leave to women who are in a company that doesn’t already provide it
Trump has claimed that the maternity leave program will not cost taxpayers more money. Instead it would be financed through the un-employment insurance program. It also is not transferrable to fathers, and will only impact mothers.

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