Trump’s Appeal to Minorities: What the Hell Do You Have to Lose?

Three weeks ago, Donald Trump began his outreach program to minority voters. At the time, a Fox News poll found that just one percent of African American voters supported Trump while 85 percent supported Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s numbers with minorities improve

Bloomberg reported that a CNN poll released last week showed Trump has made some headway in his outreach campaign with minority voters. According to the report, Trump has 17 percent support among non-white registered voters compared to Hillary Clinton’s 70 percent. In the CNN poll, this represents a 10-point increase for Trump from the July numbers and a 2-point decrease for Clinton. Another poll done by Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald was released on September 6 and showed that 36 percent of Hispanic voters had a very favorable or somewhat favorable opinion of Trump, while 24 percent of Black voters held a favorable or somewhat favorable opinion.

Trump needs to match Romney’s 2012 numbers with minorities

Trump does not need to win a majority of minority voters to win the election, but he must make significant inroads to Hillary Clinton’s support among minority voters if he is going to win. In 2012, the Republican candidate Mitt Romney got just 6 percent of the Black vote and 27 percent of the Hispanic vote. To win, Mr. Trump needs to at least match Romney’s numbers.

Deadlocked in Nevada and Arizona

Politico reported this weekend that Trump and Clinton are deadlocked in Arizona and Nevada, both states with a large Hispanic population. These numbers would indicate that Trump’s outreach may be having some success with Hispanic voters in the West. At the end of the day Trump’s “what the hell do you have to lose” may find appeal with minority voters who feel that the past eight years have not seen meaningful gains in improving their quality of life. At a minimum, Trump’s outreach efforts may earn him some respect, if not votes, within the minority community.

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