Trump Has A New Nickname for Hillary Clinton: "Unstable Hillary"

Donald Trump is showing no signs of becoming ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ anytime soon. On Saturday, Trump served up a series of personal attacks against his opponent Hillary Clinton that, to some, seemed over the top in tone and content. Trump attacked Clinton’s mental stability in a rather harsh and personal manner:
"She is a totally unhinged person. She's unbalanced. And all you have to do is watch her, see her, read about her. She will cause — if she wins, which hopefully she won't — the destruction of our country from within." — Donald J. Trump

Republicans have encouraged Trump to refocus on Hillary

Many Republicans have encouraged Trump to refocus his campaign on Clinton instead of engaging in distracting side issues, but it’s not likely they will be encouraged by Trump’s performance this weekend. Trump disparaged Hillary’s name by calling her “Hillary Rotten Clinton,” a play on her maiden name. Trump took his theme of the day from a statement that Clinton had given when she said she had “short-circuited” some of her responses when explaining her use of personal emails while serving as Secretary of State.
"She took a short-circuit in the brain. She's got problems," Trump said, seizing on Clinton's explanation that she "short-circuited" a recent answer about her truthfulness in discussing her email server."Honestly, I don't think she's all there. — CNN – August 6, 2016

Clinton called Trump temperamentally unfit to be president

Clinton has not been shy about questioning Trump’s ability to be president and last week called Trump “temperamentally unfit.” President Obama has also gone on record as saying the Trump is “unfit to serve as president.” However, Clinton managed to get her point across in a less personal and harsh manner than did Trump this weekend.

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