Trump Calls out Paul Ryan and John McCain

The Republican Party was divided after Trump’s hot mic comments from 2005 in which he was caught making lewd comments about women. The fallout has been far reaching, with a wave of Republican’s withdrawing their support. Some even going as far as calling on him to step down as the Republican presidential nominee. Trump made it very clear that this wasn’t going to happen, and sent out a tweet driving that point home.

Trump vs. the GOP

Now that it has been a few days since the leak of the tape last Friday, it looks like Donald Trump is going on the warpath with those who oppose him. He appears ready to go on the offensive with those who were quick to withdraw their support and endorsements of him. On Tuesday he sent a tweet indicating that he was no longer going to constrain himself.
Another tweet indicated how he felt about the lack of support the Republican Party was giving him in light of the scandal.
Now that the dust has settled with the hot mic story, he is ready to go after those in the GOP who he perceives as opposing him. With the shackles now off, it will surely be an interesting remaining few weeks until election day.

Trump calls out John McCain and Paul Ryan

Two important Republicans targeted on Twitter by Trump this week were Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, as well as Sen. John McCain. Paul Ryan had said earlier that he would be focused on retaining control of Congress for the GOP, and would not be defending Trump any longer. Sen. John McCain withdrew his endorsement of Trump last Saturday upon the release of the tape with inappropriate comments from Trump.
Donald Trump had some choice words for Paul Ryan, highlighting his focus should not be on fighting with the Republican nominee.
In another tweet he brought up the lack of support he was receiving from the GOP, which is a valid concern for Trump this close to Election Day.
John McCain didn't escape his Twitter attacks either, and he called him out for withdrawing his support of Trump.

Trump can't do it alone

Without the support of the Republican Party it is highly unlikely that Trump could win the presidency. Time is running out, with the election fast approaching on November 8th. The infighting of the Republican Party, and the apparent lack of consensus on Trump plays well into the Democrats hands. The chaos and confusion takes the spotlight off of the Democratic Party, as well as provides little confidence in the abilities of the GOP to govern.

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