Trump breaks Republican Party record for small donations

Politico’s analysis of the Trump campaign’s public statements, and of their Federal Election Commission filings show that Donald Trump has far outpaced his previous Republican presidential nominees in campaign donations under $200. He is around, or has already surpassed, the $100 million mark in donations under $200.
What stands out about this is that his campaign has only been soliciting donors since June 21, so he has managed to do around $100 million in only three months. These donations are coming in from around 2.1 million donors. According to FEC records, in the 2008 and 2012 presidential races, Republicans John McCain and Mitt Romney were both only able to raise less than $64 million.
While Trump's numbers are impressive for the Republican Party, smaller donations have been a staple of the Democratic Party for a while now. In this current election race, during the Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders managed to raise almost $202 million in small donations. On the other hand Hillary Clinton has managed to get $156 million since the end of July according to FEC records. FEC records also indicate that back in the 2012 presidential election Barack Obama managed to raise around $483.6 million in small donations.
With the election fast approaching it remains to be seen what Trump’s final small campaign donations will amount to. As well, the Republican Party will need to try and carry this support over into future presidential races, and not let this support end with Trump.

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