Tim Kaine: Hillary's Safe Choice for VP

Hillary Clinton announced Friday evening that her choice for Vice President is Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia. Kaine brings experience and poise to the ticket. He will be an able partner to Clinton on the campaign trail and in the White House.

If Clinton wins, Kaine will be an enormously valuable and loyal vice president. In many ways, he is similar to Joe Biden, who has proved to be very useful for President Obama. Voters will be able to easily imagine Kaine as President should he ever be called upon and that’s the primary consideration in selecting a vice president.
— The Washingon Post

In recent days, speculation had centered to Sen. Kaine and on former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, both of whom were considered as safe choices. Vilsack was attractive as he would have brought a geographic balance to the ticket and would have helped Hillary not only in his battleground home state of Iowa but in other key Midwest states.

Kaine was supported by Bill Clinton and President Obama

Kaine, who has never lost a political race, was backed by both Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama. Like Hillary, Kaine is policy wonk who loves to delve into the details of the issues. Some have expressed concern that Kaine is boring, but boring may prove to be a plus in this campaign.

Kaine, who has served as Virginia’s governor and chair of the Democratic National Committee, will likely draw criticism from the progressives in the party. Some have questioned his support for trade deals and support of regulations favorable to big banks. But, the left has nowhere to go except to Hillary. Clinton needs the support of middle America in the general election more than she needs to appease the supporters of Bernie Sanders.

Trump’s pick of Mike Pence cleared the way for Tim Kaine

It was Donald Trump’s choice of Mike Pence as his running mate that that cleared the way for Clinton to pick Kaine. In choosing Pence Trump wanted someone who is steady and even a little boring, similar to how many describe Kaine. Both men have sons who are serving the US Marine Corps.

There will be some who are unhappy with Hillary’s pick and will continue to wish that she had selected Sen. Elisabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown or Tom Perez. But those choices run counter to Hillary’s naturally centrist position on most issues. Clinton will be comfortable running with Kaine, and she likely would have been uncomfortable running with Warren.

Sen. Tim Kaine is the safe and smart choice for Hillary Clinton who will do her no harm. The headliners in this presidential campaign will be Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, not their vice presidents.

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