The Odd Couple — Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner

At one time, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner seemed like the perfect power couple. He was a charismatic four term Democratic Congressman from New York, and she was the deputy chief of staff and closest personal aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They were married in July 2010 by former President Bill Clinton. Now, six years later this odd couple is in the middle of a political and personal crisis that has rocked the 2016 election.

Weiner starts sexting

Their world began falling apart less than a year after their marriage when an image of Mr. Weiner in his underwear appeared on his Twitter account in June 2011. After first denying that he sent the tweets, Mr. Weiner admitted to sexting six women and resigned from Congress. At the time, Ms. Abedin was pregnant with their first child.

Runs for Mayor of New York

In May 2013, Weiner decided to attempt a political comeback and run for Mayor of New York. He portrayed himself as a family man who had moved beyond his mistakes. Abedin, who was still working as an aide to Hillary Clinton, makes campaign appearances with him. After building a lead in the polls, new reports surface that Mr. Weiner had continued his sexting habit after his resignation from Congress. His lead evaporates, and he finishes fifth in the Democratic primary.

Huma becomes vice chair of Clinton campaign

Huma Abedin continued to work for Hillary Clinton in preparing for her 2016 run for the presidency and rises to the position of vice chairwomen of Clinton’s campaign. If Mrs. Clinton wins the election, Huma Abedin appears destined to join her in the White House in an influential staff role.

Another sexting scandal

In August of this year new reports of Weiner sexting surface, this time with the couple’s young son appearing in the photo. Shortly thereafter, Huma Abedin announces her separation from her husband. At the same time, it was revealed that Mr. Weiner was allegedly involved in sexting with an underage 15 year old girl. Both the FBI and NYPD launched investigations and in the process of looking for evidence, the FBI examined a laptop of Mr. Weiner. The laptop reportedly contained some 650,000 emails, including an “unknown number” that were deemed as being potentially relevant to the FBI’s earlier probe of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Clinton emails found on Weiner laptop

Ms. Abedin has stated that she has no knowledge of how emails related to Mrs. Clinton came to be on the laptop computer seized from Mr. Weiner. During the original FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails, Huma Abedin swore under oath that she had surrender “all relevant electronic devices” that she had used for her work at the State Department. There are unconfirmed reports that Ms. Abedin was forwarding Clinton emails to her personal Yahoo account, which may have inadvertently ended up on the laptop that she shared with her husband.

“Weiner” on Showtime

By chance, the 2016 documentary “Weiner” made its debut on Showtime about two weeks ago and has quickly become “must see” TV. It’s easy to understand why the publicity hungry Weiner agreed to the filming of the documentary, which focuses on his run for Mayor of New York, but harder to figure out why Huma agreed to appear.
“Weiner” is the unblinking, backstage look at Weiner’s 2013 campaign for mayor of New York that shows in clinical detail how out of control Weiner’s political life and his marriage to Abedin had become. — David Zurawik, The Baltimore Sun
The film shows a bullying and out of control Weiner pushing his wife to participate when she clearly does not want to do so. Her humiliation as the new sexting revelations appear in real time during the documentary are painful to watch. It is a mystery why an accomplished, and powerful woman like Huma Abedin would agree to partner with a man who seems bent on destroying not only his world but hers as well.

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