Ted Cruz Shocks, Refuses to Endorse Trump

Sen. Ted Cruz gave a speech at the GOP convention on Wednesday that was memorable for what he did not say. Cruz went out of his way not to endorse Donald Trump the day after Trump was declared the presidential nominee of the Republican Party.

Trump had given Cruz a prime-time slot to speak at the convention. It a reasonable to assume that Trump’s camp had at least some assurance from Sen. Cruz that he would say nice things about the candidate. Instead, it was all about Ted.

Ted Cruz built his political career on his reputation as an unyielding conservative, but his refusal to endorse former rival Donald Trump in his speech to the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night unleashed a torrent of criticism and condemnation from his fellow Republicans.

Voters chose Trump over Cruz

Sure, Donald Trump said some nasty things about Ted Cruz and some of the other GOP no-shows at the convention during the campaign. But that’s life in politics. Ronald Reagan and House Speaker Tip O’Neill would fight tooth and nail until 5 o’clock, and then they would get together over cocktails and work out a compromise.

What Cruz doesn’t want to hear is that the Republican voters preferred Donald Trump over Ted Cruz and the other fifteen Republicans that felt the call to run for the presidency. Trump won fair and square and Ted Cruz refusing to endorse Donald Trump makes him look like a petulant loser.

Likely to backfire

Cruz, who clearly harbors hope of another shot at the nomination, may well discover that his rudeness to Trump will backfire. Republican voters have, by and large, accepted Trump as the nominee of the Party and are not likely to remember Cruz and his antics last evening with kindness the next time around.

Tonight, America saw the real Ted Cruz. He's a fraud, he's a self-centered liar and should be disqualified from ever being considered as a nominee for President of the United States in the future. I never liked the guy, never trusted him but tonight was the worst. To take the time at a national convention and not endorse the nominee is disgraceful.
— Rep. Peter King, CNN