Signs Point to Hillary Choosing VP This Week

Speculation is mounting that Hillary Clinton will announce her choice for Vice President this week. With Donald Trump choosing Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, the Clinton campaign now has all the information needed to make their decision.

Unlike Trump’s very public show of picking his running mate, Hillary Clinton has conducted her search with the utmost secrecy. Clinton has no shortage of candidates who would love to run with her and her biggest challenge will be not offending those not selected.

Will put the spotlight on Hillary

As demonstrated by the recent tightening in the polls, Hillary needs to regain the spotlight with some positive news after a rough couple of weeks dealing with the fallout from the FBI report on her use of a personal email account. An announcement this week would put the Republican convention news on page two and set the stage for Hillary to dominate media coverage all the way through the Democrat convention that starts next week in Philadelphia.

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Kaine looks to be top pick

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is considered by most to be the front-runner. Sen Kaine would be a safe pick and Hillary has little need to be anything but safe at this point. Kaine brings a solid record of government service and is well suited for the primary role of the vice president, which is to be a heartbeat away if necessary. Kaine, who is 58, would bring a touch of youth to the campaign, just as the 57-year-old Pence will do for Trump.

Others said to be still in consideration are Tom Vilsack, the current Secretary of Agriculture, Sen. Cory Booker, and Sen. Elisabeth Warren. While all three would bring some strengths to the ticket, the two most intriguing picks would be Sen. Warren or Sen. Booker.

Warren and Booker are appealing but risky choices

Sen. Elisabeth Warren has continued to be effective on the campaign trail in attacking Donald Trump. Picking Warren would energize fans of Bernie Sanders and would add an element of excitement to the campaign. However, picking Warren carries some risks. Warren could end up stealing the spotlight from Clinton, and would put a progressive stamp on the campaign that would appeal to the left, but would be a hard sell for middle America.

Sen. Cory Booker would also be an appealing choice for Hillary. As just one of two African-Americans in the U.S. Senate Booker would be a powerful voice in dealing with the increasingly volatile issue of race relations. The biggest downside in Sen. Booker would be that he’s from next door New Jersey and the rest of the country could feel left out.

Hillary will be in the critical battleground state of Florida later this week and that would be a prime spot and a prime time to name her running mate. 

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