Rush Limbaugh: Hillary lost on purpose to Obama in 2008 so Clinton's didn't look too powerful

Rush Limbaugh offered some rather...interesting thoughts on his show last Friday, touting the theory that Hillary Clinton intentionally lost the election in 2008 in order to set up her current run. A caller called into Limbaugh's show to inquire about the theory that Trump was a plant by the Clinton's so that Hillary Clinton would lose the election.
While Limbaugh doubted the veracity of these claims, he did propose his theories on the Clinton's saying:
"They're all-powerful.  Hillary even lost in 2008 to Obama on purpose just to set this year up, to make it looks like the Clintons don't have the control that they've got. " -Rush Limbaugh, August 5th show
Limbaugh went on to denounce other potential conspiracy theories surrounding Trump's ascension to the Presidency. Limbaugh is a popular radio commentator who has been on air for thirty years.

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