Rudy Giuliani Expresses Disapproval of Black Lives Matter Movemement

In a strongly worded statement, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani expressed disapproval for the Black Lives Matter movement. The primary goal of the movement is to protect African-American from violent attacks from police officers and other law enforcement. Giuliani stated: 

"It's inherently racist because, number one, it divides us. ... All lives matter: White lives, black lives, all lives," he told Fox News on Monday. "Number two: Black Lives Matter never protests when every 14 hours somebody is killed in Chicago, probably 70-80% of the time (by) a black person. Where are they then? Where are they when a young black child is killed?"
-Rudy Giuliani 

Giuliani also defended his "tough on crime" stance, which the Black Lives Matter movement has criticized for causing long prison sentences for non-violent drug offenders. 

"I would like people to know that the New York City Police Department is a non-majority white police department," Giuliani said. "I understand the other side of it. I don't mean not to talk about the other side of it ... The American people get a wrong impression and Black Lives Matter, therefore, puts a target on the backs of (police officers)."
-Rudy Giuliani 

In a response, the Black Lives Matter expressed disagreement and argued that Giuliani "a lack of understanding on how systematic racism works".