Rubio at Serious Risk of Losing Senate Seat

New polls show that Marco Rubio is in legitimate danger of losing his Senate seat to Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy, according to a new Quinnipiac Poll. The poll, taken last week shows up Rubio by an infinitesimal 3 points over his opponent, 48 percent to 45 percent.
The same poll last month showed that Rubio was up by 13 points over Murphy. Quinnipiac's assistant poll director Peter Brown said Rubio's drop might be linked to Donald Trump's latest drop in polls as well as President Obama's increasing popularity, saying:
"At this stage of the campaign, Republican U.S. Senate candidates may be running against their own presidential nominee, Donald Trump, as much as they are against their Democratic opponents" -Peter Brown
When the poll was taken last month, Trump was ahead of Clinton by 7 points in Florida but they are now in a dead-even heat. Rubio re-entered the race to save his seat in late June after losing Florida handily to Trump and having no clear path to winning the nomination. Before the election, Rubio was viewed as one of the party's rising stars due to his youth, strong conservative principles, and diverse background.
Murphy, who like Rubio, still faces a primary he is expected to win, was under fire from the Florida media for refusing to debate his primary opponent Alan Grayson due to Grayson's reported history of domestic violence.