Rick Perry Leads Ted Cruz in Hypothetical 2018 Senate Matchup

A new poll done by the polling firm Public Policy Polly shows that Ted Cruz would lose to Rick Perry if a Senate election took place today. The polls show that Cruz would only get 37% of the vote compared to Perry's 46%.
Both candidates have deep experience on the state and national level, though Perry has not yet declared that he would run for the seat. Perry was a two time popular governor in the state and was an early front runner for the Republican nomination in 2012 while Cruz was a first time senator who was Donald Trump's most serious contender for the nomination in this election.
Perry served as governor for three terms and chose not to seek a fourth term as Texas does not have term limits on Governors.
Cruz's popularity has sunk after his controversial speech at the Republican Convention where he shockingly did not endorse the nominee Donald Trump and told voters to vote for whoever they thought was suitable. The same poll now shows 48% view Cruz unfavorably, while 37% think he is doing well at his job.

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