Republican SuperPAC Will Spend 10 Million on House Elections

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican SuperPAC, will spend 10 million dollars on competitive House races. With some in the party not sure of Donald Trump's chances, many in the GOP have encouraged party leadership to start focusing on retaining the record GOP house majority.
The money will go to nearly 7.4 million dollars TV ads in current Republican districts, 3.4 will go to races which aim to unseat Democrats, and the remaining money will be used to start a ground operation in traditional Democratic bases, California and New York. The head of the CLP, James Shields said in a statement:
"We have to protect the House and build the firewall. And they have a tremendous amount of faith in the job that Speaker Ryan is doing and want to make sure he has the largest functional majority that he can have" -James Shields
During the last two elections, the CLP and the AAN (American Action Network) have spent nearly 40 million dollars to help gain and retain House seats and are seen as some of the strongest House Republican backers. To gain a majority, the Democrats would have to flip 30 seats.

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