Republican Congressman Becomes First to Endorse Gary Johnson

In a stunning move, Virginia Republican Congressman Scott Rigell said he will endorse Gary Johnson, breaking the ranks with his party, most of whom have said they will vote for Donald Trump. Rigell, like Richard Hanna a Rep. Congressman from New York who said he would vote for Hillary Clinton, has stated he will retire at the end of his term.
Rigell is a former car salesman who represents a generally moderate district in Virginia, which has split Republican and Democrat for his seat. He has served two terms in the position and this is not the first time he has broken with the party; in 2012, he was one of two Republicans who voted against holding Attorney General in contempt. Rigell told the New York Times he expects other Republicans will break with party leadership and follow their conscious, which might involve not voting for Trump. Rigell said:
"When their own conscience is seared by some statement that Trump has made, I have encouraged them to be direct and also, in a timely manner, repudiate what he said. People will respect it if you have a reason and you put it out there " - Scott Rigell
Rigell has said he remains a Republican, but cannot imagine staying in the party if it continues to align with Trump's ideas.