Rep. Utah Governor Gary Herbert Has a 41 (!) Point Lead Over Competitor

Rep. Utah Governor Gary Herbert has a 41 point lead over his Democratic opponent Mike Weinholtz in a Dow Jones Poll conducted in Utah. Herbert, the former Lt. Governor who comes from a Mormon background, is also the head of the National Governor's Association.
Herbert's Democrats opponents hoped that the effect of having Donald Trump on the Republican ticket, who has polled highly unfavorably in Utah, would drag down the rest of the ticket. However, this does not seem to be the case as the poll shows. Herbert's campaign manager said:
"The poll shows most Utahns overwhelmingly recognize the importance of the steady hand of leadership Gov. Herbert has provided for our state..Utah’s economy is leading the nation, and we are investing in the education of our students at an unprecedented level, and Utahns want to see that continue" -Marty Carpenter, Herbert Campaign Manager
Meanwhile, Weinholtz's campaign while disappointed by the news, said it was not surprised:
"As an outsider running against an incumbent career politician, this is about where we thought we’d be...Everywhere I go in Utah, visiting with people of all political parties, I’m hearing that they’re misrepresented and voiceless under our current government. As we move closer to the election, and voters become more engaged, we know the numbers will shift dramatically" -Mike Weinholtz

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