Recap of the Gary Johnson Town Hall

Gary Johnson and his running mate Bill Weld had their time to shine yesterday, with CNN agreeing to give them almost unprecedented coverage for a 3rd party town-hall by showing a televised town-hall with both candidates. For those who weren't able to watch, there were some important points that Johnson and Weld made to clarify their platform.

Both Johnson and Weld emphasized the need to compromise and work with both sides, saying that they both worked with Democratic legislative bodies while they were governors and they would appoint Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians to their cabinet if elected. 

Johnson was steadfast in his Libertarian view of spending cuts, saying that he would cut the budget across the board, including big cuts to the military defense budget. He emphasized that for military conflicts, America would cede to intervene in hostile regime change but would not be completely cut off from the world as well. 

Bill Weld talked about how domestic terrorism must be in the hands of law enforcement as opposed to the military. However, Johnson later added that it would be unreasonable for the government to guarantee there will be no domestic terrorism in the country. Johnson and Weld also answered questions about the economy and gun control with typical Libertarian answers, maintaining that they were for free trade and free markets in all possibilities and it would be unreasonable for them to try to ban certain weapons. 

In an interesting moment, Johnson addressed a #Bernieorbust supporter by saying that he agreed with Sanders on about 70% of the issues, including gay rights, abortion, less military action and drug legalization. The only place that Johnson said they differed were their vastly different views of the economy. This might indicate that the Johnson-Weld ticket might also try to pander to Bernie Sanders voters unhappy with Hillary Clinton.