Polls Show Clinton and Trump Two Most Unpopular Candidates Ever

A new Gallup poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two most unpopular candidates to ever run for President. Clinton's unfavorably rating after the release of the contents of the FBI investigation now lies at 57% while 38% view her favorably. This puts her close to in line with Donald Trump, who has a 58% unpopular rating and a 36% favorable rating.

However, while Trump has stayed relatively constant in his unpopularity amongst Americans since entering the race, it has been a steep drop for Clinton. During her tenure as First Lady, her favorability ratings were constantly in the high 60s. Even in her intense race with Barack Obama, her favorability ratings hovered around 50% and during her tenure as Secretary of State, she constantly remained in the high 60s. As recently as this January, Clinton's favorability ratings were in the low 60s, but they have dropped rapidly in the last two months. 

Clinton is still viewed very favorably by Democrats with a 71% favorability ratings amongst the party. In contrast, during the 2012 election, the lowest Republican Mitt Romney went was a 45% unfavorable rating and 37% favorable. For other reference, Al Gore's lowest was close to a 50-50 split during the 2000 election, and