Poll: 40% of Voters Believe Media Is Biased For Clinton

A Morning Consult poll shows that over 38% of voters believe that media coverage is biased towards Hillary Clinton, while only 12% believe that the media is slanted towards Trump and 27% believe the media is completely neutral. 23% are indifferent or neutral towards the subject.
However, despite these biases the same poll shows a majority of people are happy with the way the Clinton is covered, with 61% of the people saying they thought coverage was "good" or "excellent". At the same time, 54% believe that the coverage for Trump was good. At the same time, 12% thought coverage of both was fair and 33% thought coverage of both was poor.
Trump has been very critical of the media, saying they have been biased towards Clinton and overly critical of him. He said at a recent rally:
"I’m not running against Crooked Hillary, I’m running against the crooked media" -Donald Trump