Palestinian President Brags About Killing 11,000 Israelis

Palestinian President and Head of Fatah Party Mahmoud Abbas, who is running for re-election made a controversial Facebook post Thursday, which amongst other things, touted killing Israelis, offering martyrs, and holding Israeli prisoners. 

The statement, which was posted on Abbas's Facebook page in Palestinian drew the ire of many people and was promptly deleted. Abbas is the successor of long-time Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat, who often made incendiary comments towards the Israeli state before beginning peace talks with Israel in the early 1990s. Fatah states that it's primary goal is to end Israeli occupation non-violently, and is considered the 'moderate' Palestinian political party. In a statement, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's aide responded by saying: 

"President Abbas’s party boasts about committing mass murder and yet it is called ‘moderate’ by many. Imagine if Palestinian leaders spent their time praising coexistence instead of terror"
-David Keyes, Netanyahu Spokesman

Fatah long controlled the Palestinian government before losing the legislature to the more extreme party, Hamas, in 2006 and have another election this coming October. While Hamas are much bigger advocates for violence, especially against Israeli, the Palestinian people also view them as more efficient and less corrupt. 

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