On the Road With Rush

America’s king of talk radio was in fine form today. Rush’s melodious voice helped eat up the miles on a drive down California’s I-5. Love him or hate him, being on the road with Rush Limbaugh is a great way to pass three hours of time.

Rush earns $80 million a year

Rush’s talk show career began in 1984 when he began broadcasting his blend of political commentary and listener calls over the airwaves surrounding Sacramento, California. In 1988 Rush went national and today has a weekly cumulative audience of more than 13 million unique listeners. Rush earns about $80 million a year for his three hour daily talk show.

Attacks the drive by media

One of Limbaugh’s favorite topics is the mainstream media – whom he refers to as the drive by media. The term is used to describe media “that provides broad or misleading statements in quick succession without context or explanation.”
You get up every day and you start looking around, and everything's unprecedented. Never been through anything like this before, except that we all think we have. This is topping anything. I think it's establishing my point that we don't have a media, folks. There's no media. And we're so far beyond bias to describe what's going on here, that doesn't even get close to touching it. — Rush Limbaugh –10/13/2016

No patience with moderate Republicans

There is no effort to mask Rush’s political opinion. He is a conservative to the core and proud of it. He aims almost as many barbs at moderate Republican as he does towards the Democrats. Needless to say, Rush strongly opposes Hillary Clinton and, after some wavering during the primaries, has gone all in for Donald Trump.
Hillary stands for a status quo that nobody wants any more of. Hillary is a flawed candidate in any number of ways, and the people on her side know it. They can't build her up. They can't focus on the issues. And by that I mean they can't spend a lot of time saying how great Hillary's gonna be for America. — Rush Limbaugh – 10/13/2016
Limbaugh gets apoplectic when talking about how the ‘drive by’ media is ignoring the emails from Clinton campaign staff that WikiLeaks has been releasing over the past few days. Rush believes that the Clinton campaign is undertaking a frantic effort to keep the focus on the Russians instead of on the content within the leaked emails and feels there is a strong collusion between the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign.
We know that the Democrats are gonna be working with media and releasing stories disguised as news stories which are nothing more than opposition research. — Rush Limbaugh - 10/13/2016

Labels Michelle Obama a hypocrite

In the latter part of the show Rush takes on Michelle Obama who was giving a speech in New Hampshire where she attacked Trump for his ‘locker room talk.’
This was not just a lewd conversation. This wasn't locker room banter. This was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior. — Michelle Obama - CNBC
Rush moved to label Mrs. Obama as a hypocrite, noting that the White House has invited rappers and hip-hop artists who are extremely graphic and sexist in their depiction of women.
Over the years, liberals have tried their own versions of talk shows to provide counter programming to Limbaugh, but those efforts have failed. Rush owns the talk radio airwaves. He has an extremely loyal listener base, and even those that disagree with his commentary find listening to his show an interesting exposure to the heartland of America.

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