Obamas in Line for Massive Book Deals After Presidency

The New York Times is reporting that the Obama's could potentially earn up to 45 million dollars in book deals after leaving the White House. An agent from the literary agency Sagalyn, Raphael Sagalyn said:
"His is going to be easily the most valuable presidential memoir ever" -Raphael Sagalyn
Unlike other presidents, Obama is already an accomplished author with two best-sellers, "The Audacity of Hope" and "Dreams From My Father". For comparison, Bill Clinton received 15 million dollars in advances for his biography "My Life", which went on to smash various autobiography records, selling over 3 million copies. Hillary Clinton also recently received 8 million from her recent memoir.
While some publishers believed Obama would get about a $10 million per book figure, others were less optimistic, saying he would be lucky to get 12 million total and Michelle Obama would be able to get 10 million on the high-end of a contract. However, given that Bill Clinton earned 30 million total from "My Life" including sales despite not being an accomplished author like Obama, it is not hard to imagine to see Obama hitting a $20 million per book deal.

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