Obamacare Premiums to Rise 22%

Insurance premiums will be rising for Obamacare in 2017, and are expected to go up by 22% next year. It should be noted that this rise is before subsidies are factored in. There are a couple states where the premiums will actually decrease, but the vast majority will have large hikes in store for 2017.
As a result of subsidies many who use Obamacare will be able to get healthcare coverage that will not go up by as much as the 22% average in premiums. 85% of families using the healthcare.gov exchange receive some type of assistance, which should help offset costs and soften the increase in premiums. Avalere Health is a consulting firm who focuses on health care, and they have examined the effects of Obamacare.
Enrollment is concentrated among very low-income individuals who receive significant government subsidies to reduce premiums and cost-sharing. — Caroline Pearson, Avalere Health

Less choices available now

Another issue that many users are facing under Obamacare is a lack of options to choose from. There will only be one choice in insurer for around 1 in 5 Americans, which provides no competition at all. There is only one insurer available in five of the states that use healthcare.gov. We will see a 28% decrease in healthcare.gov insurers as the number drops from 232 in 2016 down to 167 in 2017.
In 2017, there will be an average of 2.9 plans available per county in Healthcare.gov states, down from a nationwide average of 5.3 plans per county in 2016. In states using the federal marketplace, 21 percent of enrollees will have only one participating carrier for the 2017 plan year. — Report from Avalere Health

Trump and Clinton on Obamacare

Donald Trump wants to get rid of Obamacare completely, and seeks to replace it with something else. At a rally in Florida on Tuesday he laid out clearly what he thinks about it, although he did not provide information on what it would be replaced with.
What they're going through with their health care is horrible because of Obamacare, so we'll repeal it and replace it. — Donald Trump
Trump also sent out a tweet affirming his position on Obamacare, and delighted in the media reporting of the premium hikes.
Clinton on the other hand has said that she would not repeal it, as Trump has suggested. She has instead advocated for building off of it, and working to fix the issues with it such as high premiums.

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