Obama: "Trump 'unfit' to be president'

In an unusual statement by a sitting President, Barack Obama on Tuesday said, “The Republican nominee is unfit to be president. He keeps on proving it.” Obama further called on GOP leaders to revoke their endorsements of Donald Trump.

The President made his comments in reaction to the continuing controversy between the Republican nominee and the parents of Capt. Humayun Khan who was killed in Iraq in 2004. Khan’s parents were invited to speak at last week’s Democratic convention and used the occasion to attack the stand of Mr. Trump on immigration.

Voters don’t want a third term of Obama

While a sitting President is expected to have a preference for whom will succeed them in office, there is a certain level of presidential decorum that the public expects from the leader of the nation. If Obama allows the 2016 election to become, in effect, a vote for a third term for Barack Obama he will cause serious trouble for Hillary Clinton this fall.

Polls show that a large majority of voters believe that the country is going in the wrong direction and that the political system is dysfunctional. They are hungry for change.
— The Washington Post

By interjecting himself into the partisan debate between the Khan’s and Donald Trump, Obama has taken the center stage away from Hillary Clinton, who is more than capable of taking on Donald Trump on her own and the President risks undermining her campaign.

Trump is on the losing side of the current dustup with the Khan’s, but that will fade after a few more news cycles. The issues of the economy, terrorism and the fact that America is still in embroiled in an endless war in Iraq and Afghanistan that took the life of Capt. Kahn and many other fine Americans are what people will vote for in November.