Obama Creating World's Largest Protected Area

President Obama is expanding the world's largest natural monument by quadrupling the size of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. The monument will be expanded by 442,781 square miles
Former president George W. Bush first established the monument in 2006 and it has been lauded by many organizations, including the environmental organization UNESCO. Since it was made a national organization, various endangered species including sea turtles and whales. The White House said in a statement:
"Today’s action by President Obama responds to a proposal put forward by Senator Schatz and prominent Native Hawaiian leaders, in addition to significant input and local support from Hawaii elected officials, cultural groups, conservation organizations, scientists and fishermen.  This step also builds on a rich tradition of marine protection in Hawaiian waters and world-class, well managed fisheries, including a longline fishing fleet that is a global leader in sustainable practices" -White House Press Office

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