North Carolina Voter ID Law will not Impact 2016 Election

The North Carolina voter ID law will not be going into effect, even after an appeal to the Supreme Court. The ruling by the lower court will be upheld, as there was a 4-4 split by the justices. This means it will not have any bearing on the next presidential election come November.
The law sought to tighten voter ID requirements, reduce access to early voting, do away with same day registration and out-of-precinct voting, and end pre-registration for those turning 18. There was cause for concern that the law would disproportionally affect minority voters, and in particular African-Americans.
Sitting on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals for the law Judge Diana Motz wrote that it would:
“target African-Americans with almost surgical precision” - Judge Diana Motz
While the stated intention of these voter ID laws is to reduce voter fraud, there is concern that they are an attempt to keep African-Americans out of the voting booths.