Newly Released Clinton Emails Raise Questions

Newly released State Department emails raised additional questions about the separation of interest between the State Department and Clinton Foundation during the time when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.
"The documents raised new questions about whether the charitable foundation worked to reward its donors with access and influence at the State Department, a charge that Mrs. Clinton has faced in the past and has always denied. " — The New York Times

Emails were not turned over by Clinton

The emails were obtained from the State Department after a lawsuit was filed by Judicial Watch, under the Freedom of Information Act. The documents included at least 44 emails that were not among the emails that Clinton had previously turned over to State Department. At the time, Hillary Clinton claimed that she had turned over all “work-related” emails.
The emails were found during a search of State Department computer files belonging to longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Ms. Abedin received special permission from the State Department to work for the Clinton Foundation at the same time she was working for Mrs. Clinton at the State Department.
The Trump campaign was quick to cite the exchange as additional evidence that Hillary Clinton hid important emails.
"This is yet more evidence that Hillary Clinton lacks the judgment, character, stability and temperament to be within 1,000 miles of public power. She views public office as nothing more than a means to personal enrichment -- and every dollar she takes comes at the expense of the public welfare. This latest finding is an unseemly, disturbing window into a corrupt office, and yet more evidence that Hillary Clinton has been lying from the beginning -- and by any reasonable definition attempted to obstruct the investigation of the FBI." — Stephen Miller – Trump’s national policy director

FBI asked to open investigation into Clinton Foundation

According to Law Newz, House Republicans sent a letter to the FBI in July requesting an investigation into ties between the Clinton Foundation and Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server. CNN stated that the FBI had earlier this year asked permission from the Justice Department to open an investigation regarding the Foundation, but the request was denied.

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