New York Passes Law Banning Sex Offenders from Playing Pokemon GO

New York has passed a new law which bans registered sex offenders on parole from playing Pokemon GO due to the high number of children and young adults playing the game. A study done by Forbes indicated that 22% of the millions of GO users are minors.
The law comes after several incidents which have inadvertently caused sex offenders and minors to end up in the same area. For example, the report used by senator's to vote on the law cited an incident in Indiana where a sex offender was "actually playing the game with a 16-year-old boy on the local courthouse lawn when he was recognized by two local probation officer". In addition, various "PokeStops", places where Pokemon gather in bulk have been near offender rehabilitation centers.
Previously, sex offenders on parole have been banned from being on social media. However, this ban has not extended to mobile games, and Pokemon GO does not require a social account to login. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a letter to Niantic, the developers of the game, hoping for a partnership to help enforce the agreement. The letter states:
"Software developers that operate mobile games like Pokémon GO should be entitled to the same information that is regularly shared with companies like Facebook, Apple and Microsoft" -Andrew Cuomo

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