Melania Trump's Speech Marks Crazy First Day at GOP Convention

The first day of the Republican convention was marked by some old-fashioned floor battles on Monday as the anti-Trump forces made one last ditch effort to derail Trump’s nomination.

The action occurred when the convention was asked to approve the report of the rules committee, typically a routine function. After the rules report had been presented the floor chairperson, Rep. Steve Womack called for a voice vote to accept the report. He ruled that the “ayes” won the voice vote and then left the stage. The anti-Trump forces began chanting for a roll call vote, but to no avail.

The Republican party came within a whisker of reaching the unity it had long sought Monday. What it got instead was convention floor chaos.
— Politico

Plagiarism controversy over Melania Trump speech

The real fireworks came in the evening during a speech given by the candidate’s wife, Melania Trump. Mrs. Trump is quiet and reserved on the campaign trail and a speech by Melania was the last place controversy was expected.

Most of the speech focused on her immigration to the US and her love for her husband. It was well read and well received.

However, in one passage there were some remarkable similarities between Melania’s speech and one given by Michelle Obama in 2008. This prompted accusations of plagiarism that quickly overshadowed the rest of her speech.

The speech was likely the result of a team of speechwriters who were inspired by Mrs. Obama’s thoughts and failed to convert her thoughts into original words.

Below is a highlighted summary of the similarities in one section of the speech from CNN so you can decide for yourself. 

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