Jill Stein Wins Green Party Nomination

The Green Party held their convention this weekend in Houston, Texas and officially nominated Jill Stein for President and selected Ajamu Baraka as her running mate.

Remains to be seen if Stein can capture Sanders Supporters

Ms. Stein, who had earlier offered to step aside if Sen. Bernie Sanders would agree to run for president under the Green Party banner, has made no secret of hoping to attract supporters of Sen. Sanders to find a new home with the Green Party. So far, there are few signs that supporters of Sanders are flocking to a new home with the Green Party. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll last week showed that Clinton has gained support from some 86 percent of Bernie’s former supporters.
Still, there is no doubt that both the Green Party and the Libertarian Party will be major players in this year’s election. The Libertarian Party will probably be on the ballot in all 50 states, while the Green Party hopes to be on the ballot in at least 37 states.

Takes 15% in polls to get on the debate stage

The big hurdle for Stein is to get her poll number up from the current 5% level to the 15% needed to qualify for the presidential debates. If she were able to get a national audience for her message in the debates that would certainly put the Green Party on the map. According to CNN, the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld are polling around 12%, which is within shouting distance of getting on the debate state.
It’s not likely that the Green Party and Libertarian Party, who have differing ideologies, could find enough common ground to formally make an alliance. However, it is possible that some Green Party supporters might consider temporarily switching their support to the Libertarian’s in order to get a third party candidate on the national debate stage with Trump and Clinton.