Jill Stein Will Also Get CNN Town Hall

After the CNN town hall with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson Wednesday, the network announced that they will also have a town hall with Green Party candidate Jill Stein. 

The event will be held on August 17th at 9 PM ET. Stein is currently in fourth place in most polls, with polls showing her range of support from 3-7%. This is Stein's second time running; she also ran in 2012 where she failed to gain 1% of the vote. 

Stein is hoping to appeal to Bernie Sanders supporters who are not willing to vote for Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton, who she has been highly critical of. The town hall will be a large event for Stein, as unlike Gary Johnson, it appears she has a very slim chance of qualifying for the Presidential debates this fall. The Green Party is also the party that Ralph Nader ran on in 3 elections. 

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