ISIS Hostage Parents: Obama Never Followed Through on Vow to Donate

The parents of former ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller claim that President Obama promised that he would donate to the charity in their daughter's name after their daughter's death, but he has not done so far. They said in an interview:
"He says I will help that foundation. He says you won’t know, it’ll be an anonymous donation, but I will...I’m still waiting for that donation, Mr. President." -Carl Mueller
Mueller's death was not without controversy. She was captured by ISIS in Syria, going despite warnings by the US Government not to enter the are. Furthermore, while several anonymous donors offered to pay, but the Department of Justice allegedly threatened prosecution, adhering to the strict no ransom payments US Policy. After her death, the Obama administration has made tweaks to their hostage negotiation policy after Obama called the process "totally unacceptable".
Obama has said that he will donate to the charity in due time, saying:
"The President as well as senior members of his team have praised the work of Kayla's Hands, which carries on the spirit of service and selflessness that defined Kayla. The President will continue to support the goals of the organization in different ways, including by making a donation, as pledged to the Mueller family" -White House Office

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