Is Trump Changing?

By picking Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, Donald Trump gave another signal that he is aware that he needs the support of mainstream Republicans in the upcoming campaign against Hillary Clinton.

He acknowledged one of the reasons he chose Pence, an evangelical Christian with support from both traditional fiscal and social conservatives who have been wary of Trump, was for party unity “because I’m an outsider.”
— Official Trump- Pence website

In business, Donald Trump has always shown a willingness to change tactics when something is not working and he’s applying the same tactic to his campaign. Trump realizes that he needs the support of the Republican Party and he’s shown a willingness to make some changes in the name of party unity.

RNC chief Reince Priebus has become key advisor

During the primaries, Donald Trump said that the job Reince Priebus was doing as head of the Republican National Committee was “a disgrace.” There was speculation that Priebus would lose his job if Trump became the nominee. Instead Trump and Priebus have formed a solid partnership dedicated to winning the election.

Mr. Trump often called Mr. Priebus with his thoughts and questions about the vice-presidential decision-making process—and nearly every strategy and maneuver going into this week’s convention in Cleveland.
— The Wall Street Journal

Let Trump be Trump

The center stage of the Trump campaign will always belong to Donald Trump and no one else. But Trump has learned that he needs to pay heed to the advice of the political professionals that he has brought on board to help manage the campaign.

Donald Trump has become the nominee of the Republican Party by offering his unique blend of populism and star quality. His statements and tweets may drive the mainstream media and politicians up the wall, but they resonate with voters. From time to time there have been attempts to rein in some of his more controversial remarks but Trump’s personality is not suited to being cautious. The theme of the campaign is to let ‘Trump be Trump,’ with a few adjustments here and there.

It’s a family business

There is no doubt that the most influential people in the Trump campaign are his children, Don, Jr., Eric, and Ivanka.

When Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s family gathered Sunday to celebrate Father’s Day, three of his adult children brought more than cards. They pressed their father to dump one of his top aides as part of a reboot for the general election.
— The Wall Street Journal

The three Trump children take turns traveling to campaign events with Mr. Trump, while also managing the family’s large business empire. Donald Trump is not a person that is accustomed to being told when he is wrong, but he has no choice but to make an exception for those that are his flesh and blood.

There has been little that has been conventional in the campaign of Donald Trump and there is no reason for that to change. Trump’s strength lies in the perception that he is a man who, for better or worse, says what he thinks. That has gotten him in trouble in the past and likely will in the future, but it also what has brought him to the cusp of being President of the United States. 

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