Iowa Looking to Become 2nd State to Pass 'Blue Lives Matter' Legislation

Iowa is looking to become the 2nd state in the movement to pass legislation which further protects police officers from violent attacks from criminals or potential suspects. The primary part of the legislation entails making any part attack on a police officer because of their profession to be a hate crime, stricter than the current laws.
In an interview, Republican Rep. Ken Rizer in the Iowa state legislature, who introduced the bill, said:
"It came from some of these tragic shootings and targeting of law enforcement across the country...I believe that law enforcement stands between civil society and anarchy and that they need to be protected" -Ken Rizer
Currently, attacking a police officer in Iowa does carry higher penalties than attacking a regular citizen, but is not classified as a hate crime. The legislation comes in wake of the Baton Rouge and Dallas officer killings earlier this summer. The FBI estimates that 51 officers will intentionally killed in the line of duty in 2014, with an additional 45 killed accidentally while on duty.
If Rep. Rizer follows through on his plans, Iowa would be the 9th state to bring legislation offering extended protections for it's officers. Louisiana became the first state to pass a similar piece of legislation, when Dem. Governor John Bel Edwards signed it into law this May, after the tragedy in Baton Rouge.

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