If Trump Wasn’t Nuts He’d Win in a Landslide

There is no denying that Donald Trump has accomplished a great deal in life and politics. He is a billionaire several times over, has built one of the world’s marquee company’s, and in the past year and a half has rewritten the American political handbook. The only thing standing between Trump winning the presidency in a landslide is that sometimes Donald Trump just seems to go nuts.

What if Trump were sane

Peggy Noonan, writing in the Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article entitled Imagine a Sane Donald Trump.
He’s a screwball. Do you need examples? You do not, because you’re already thinking of them. For a year you’ve been observing the TV funhouse that is his brain. — Peggy Noonan
America was more than ready for Trump’s rough outsider personality. Polls routinely tell us that 70 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country today. The economy has been stalled for years. Terrorism is on the rise, and racial unrest has reappeared after being dormant for several decades. Trust in the government reached an all-time low in 2015. Hillary Clinton is a weakened challenger who has been talking about the same ideas for the past quarter century.

Trump is easily distracted

Many Trump supporters were disappointed during the debates as they watched Mr. Trump get distracted by attacks on his character and miss chance after chance to turn the tables on Mrs. Clinton. Trump’s campaign has been marked by one distraction after another caused by posts that emanate from Mr. Trump’s Twitter account with seemingly little thought as to the consequences. He appears unable to foresee the effect his comments have on his campaign and the concept of apology seems foreign to Mr. Trump.

Big Trump and little Trump

Newt Gingrich has been one of Trump’s most vocal and visual supporters. The former Republican Speaker of the House recently expressed his frustration with how easily Trump gets mired in petty arguments. In speaking of Trump’s ongoing feud with current House Speaker Paul Ryan, Gingrich said, “There’s a big Trump and a little Trump. The little Trump is frankly pathetic. I mean, he’s mad over not getting a phone call?”
He (Trump) reacts very intensely, almost uncontrollably to “anything which attacks his own sense of integrity or his own sense of respectability. There’s . . . a part of his personality that sometimes gets involved in petty things that make no sense. — Newt Gingrich
Trump’s campaign, when it focused on trade, jobs, immigration and “Make America Great Again,” ignited the support of many Americans who feel that America has become too politically correct, and longed for a return to simpler times. But, time after time Mr. Trump allowed himself to get sidetracked into personal attacks that accomplished nothing. To be sure, the Clinton campaign has done its part in pushing Trump’s buttons, but Trump should have figured their game out early on and refused to get played.

What could have been

If Trump didn't get sucked into the petty arguments and instead focused more on the areas he excelled, things could have looked a lot different.
Since I am more in accord with Mr. Trump’s stands than not, I am particularly sorry that as an individual human being he’s a nut. Which gives rise to a question, for me a poignant one. What if there had been a Sane Donald Trump? Oh my God, Sane Trump would have won in a landslide. — Peggy Noonan

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