House to Vote On Gun Control Bill

Following the Orlando massacre and the prolonged sit-in by Democrats, the House has decided to push forward with a vote over proposed gun control measures. This piece of legislation specifically aims to block terrorists on the FBI's watch list from gaining easy access to guns. 

Speaker Paul Ryan called the provision to prevent suspected terrorists from easily obtaining weapons "common sense" but added that the delay was the result of trying to put together a more comprehensive gun control bill.

Two Different Comprehensive Bills

There are two potential bills being proposed in Congress. One of the bills, a bipartisan Senate bill proposed by Republican senator Susan Collins, proposes immediately banning anyone on the suspect list from obtaining guns. After being banned, suspects have 14 days to appeal the decision in Court. Democratic Senator Harry Reid advocated for the bill:

"We are going to get something done this year, I predict. I think we’re going to take a bite out of the NRA."
-Senator Harry Reid

The other bill, proposed by Democrat Representative Lee Zeldin proposes a similar ban but gives the government 3 days to decide whether a suspect should be banned, a timetable which many Democrats are calling insufficient. 

According to Speaker Ryan, there is no official timetable for a vote. 

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