House Dem. Donated to Republican House Member

The only Black female Republican member of Congress, Mia Love, said that she received a donation of $1000 from fellow African-American member of Congress, Democrat David Scott of Georgia.
When asked about the donation, Scott emphasized the need of Black representation on both sides of the aisle, saying:
"Mia has proven herself. She is very smart, very is very important for us as African-Americans to look at the big picture and realize that we are in a big game here and we have to have alliances" -David Scott
Love is one of 43 African-Americans in the House. There are only two African-American Senate members. While Love is seen as a rising star in the GOP, she faces a hard re-election bid against her 2014 challenger, David Owens, who has received support from many prominent Democrats including Nancy Pelosi. Love said in a statement about the relationship:
"I am the only candidate out of 435 members that has been endorsed and supported by someone from the other side of the aisle" -Mia Love