Hillary Clinton Now As Unpopular as Donald Trump

A new ABC News/Washington Post shows that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are almost equally unpopular. At the beginning of this month, 46% of voters said they had a favorable view of Hillary but that has now fallen to 38%. Her unfavorable rating has also risen 7% from 52 to 59%.
Most of this rise can be attributed to a significant swing amongst women. She has swung nearly 18%, from a net 11% favorable to 7% negative rating. At the same time, her rival, Republican nominee Donald Trump's ratings have remained relatively constant. Earlier this month he had 36% favorable and 61% unfavorable, and he has remained essentially constant.
At the same time, Trump's favorability rating amongst women have risen by about 6% from 26 to 33. Most polls show Clinton up 4-6 points over Trump a drop from the 8-10 in early August. The poll surveyed 1020 people and has a margin of error of about 4%.

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