German Government Proposes Burqa Ban

High up members of Angela Merkel's Christian Democrat Party are proposing a ban on the Muslim full body scarf, the Burqa, and want to eliminate dual citizenship in what they say is an attempt to increase safety after the recent terror attacks.
The country's interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere will unveil a comprehensive security plan signed by other interior ministers which will unveil many reforms that they hope will help eliminate potential terror attacks. The measures also include increasing the amount of police officers, increasing video camera surveillance, and to loosen the countries doctor-patient laws.
While other European countries such as France, have already banned the burqa, Germany has yet to take any actions towards such measure. This is likely because the German Constitution prohibits discrimination based on religion, which might have to be revised in order to enact the current laws.
The other controversial part of the law will eliminate dual citizenship. Under current German law, refugees and children of immigrants are allowed dual citizenship. However, under this proposal this would only allow for citizenship only in Germany. The proposal says:
"We reject this divided loyalty...We suggest whoever wants to get involved with the politics of foreign governments leaves Germany"
While the burqa ban and dual citizenship elimination are far from guaranteed to pass, the other parts of the law are likely to pass before the general election next year.

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