Gary Johnson: This is the demise of the GOP

Gage Skidmore

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson said that Donald Trump's nomination by the Republican Party might spell the end of the party in it's current form. Johnson added:
"This is the demise of the Republican Party...He’s tapped into that anger.But that is not, in my opinion, representative of the majority of the Republican Party." -Gary Johnson
Johnson added that he believed that the nominee varying so drastically from the opinions of the majority of the party would create an opening for the Libertarian Party, saying he thought "this is an opportunity, I think, for the Libertarian Party to become a major party". Johnson also added that he did not believe that Mexican immigration is a big problem as nominee Donald Trump has described, saying:
"Thirty percent of Republicans believe the scourge of the Earth is Mexican immigration. What’s the reason I don’t have a job? Well, make Mexican immigration the scapegoat for that...When the reality is anything but. They are not taking jobs U.S. citizens want. They’re the cream of the crop when it comes to workers. And they’re contributing to the economy" -Gary Johnson

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  1. Tammi Martin

    You are obviously uninformed as to the other reasons that coincide with the one you are so vehemently concerned with. If you are actually involved in the happenings of my personal favorite running republican, Donald Trump, you would know that it is not only because of illegal immigration, but also because we are allowing them to cross our borders and have anchor babies. For which I and millions of other hard working American people must now take care of till they reach the age of at least 15, perhaps ever longer than that. Now we are allowing Muslim refugees into our America where an ever greater strain is implied upon us working citizens not to mention the fact that not all of those escaping their country for a better life are now on task of defiling our way of life and making us bend our hard won constitution to their belief when it does not nor ever will coincide with their radical beliefs. And also to mention that they hate our America and wish us to all just die. We are also bombarded with the fact that many very substantial companies are no longer in our America but have moved out of this great USA to hire cheaper workers and still bring that same product back to us and we buy it at a premium, and they have been doing this for far too long. The USA was the backbone to many of the industry that have since taken all of their businesses out of our country depleting our workforce and breaking our spirits. I could go on, but if, like I stated earlier, you were actually paying attention or being involved with this presidential race, you'd already know what I have just poignantly pointed out to you. Let me add one more thing! We as a nation, the United States of America, are backing Trump because we are in agreement with his ideas and desperately want our government to watch out for us as they swore to uphold when they were elected or voted in, to do just that. Uphold the American principalities, and hold themselves to the same care and vigilance that we want and need, not break us down and become amiable to our neighbors across the borders with a lax in ownership for crimes they are not being held accountable for. So, Mr. Gary Johnson, that is what I am saying. Wake up, it is what we all need and want, and I know I am not the only one who feels this way!!