Gary Johnson Raises 2.6 Million In Online Donations Through August 15th

Gary Johnson has raised over 2.5 million dollars in online donations through August 15th in an attempt to gain recognition ahead of the upcoming debate. According to the campaign, over 90,000 people donated an average of $32 to help Johnson's campaign. Johnson said of the successful campaign:
"The fact that we received more than 90,000 individual small contributions is overwhelming, and a major boost for the campaign...It is increasingly clear that a great many Americans, from across the political spectrum, are ready to join our effort to offer an experienced, credible alternative to the polarizing nominees of the Republican and Democratic parties" -Gary Johnson
Johnson's campaign said that this far surpassed the 1.5 million they had aimed for by this date. They utilized the hashtag #15for15, hoping that online supporters would donate $15 in order for Johnson to hit the 15% necessary for the debate threshold. Johnson added:
"These contributions, and the enthusiasm behind them, are providing the fuel we need to take our message of smaller government and greater freedom to the millions of voters who are looking for a way to break the two-party status quo" -Gary Johnson
As mentioned, Johnson needs 15% of the vote to qualify for the debates. He has slowly risen to about 10%, but polls have shown him stalling a bit in the past couple of weeks.