Gary Johnson pledges to cut taxes

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian for President and former New Mexico governor gave his opinion on various policy issues in an interview with the Washington Examiner Tuesday. In the interview, Johnson offered a simple solution to what he sees as a very inefficient system saying: 

"Well, as president of the United States, when it comes to tax policy, count on me to sign legislation that simplifies taxes or reduces taxes. If I could wave a magic wand, I would eliminate corporate tax, income tax and abolish the IRS and would replace all of it with one, single federal consumption tax"
-Gary Johnson

Johnson then referenced the Fair Tax legislation currently proposed which would involve one federal consumption tax. 

In the interview, Johnson also shared his views on other issues such as student debt elimination, minimum wage, and corporate tax. Johnson emphasized a libertarian platform, criticizing the corporate tax, emphasizing less government intervention in student loans, and advocating for smaller government. 

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