Gary Johnson Gaining Amongst Latin American Voters

A new Fox News poll shows that Gary Johnson is gaining with Latin American voters, possibly taking some of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's share of the population. According to the poll, both Johnson and Trump have 17% share of the vote and Hillary Clinton has 60%.
The same previous Fox News poll showed Johnson with 9% of the vote, meaning he has almost doubled his popularity amongst Latin Americans. This comes at a time where both presidential nominees, Clinton and Trump are struggling with Latin American voters. Trump has an 82% unfavorable rating amongst Latin Americans whereas Clinton had a 41% unfavorable rating. However, the same poll indicated that almost 51% thought that Clinton was dishonest and not trustworthy.
Johnson has started to create a structured Latin American outreach program, by hiring popular GOP operative Juan Hernandez to lead his outreach. Also, two prominent Latin Americans, former congressman Juan Carlos Planas and Puerto Rican Coalition CEO Rafael Fantauzzi have started a Super-PAC to support him. Fantauzzi said of the PAC and Johnson:
"This year, we cannot settle for the lesser of two evils...The insults from Donald Trump and the double talk from Hillary Clinton are not our only options. Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are two of the most successful governors in America and they present the best hope to lead our country in the years ahead" -Rafeal Fantauzzi