Gary Johnson, Bill Clinton Will Speak to Asian American, Pacific Islander Groups

Gary Johnson and Bill Clinton will both speak to Asian American and Pacific Islander groups at the presidential election forum hosted by the Asian American Journalist Association (AAJA). Republican nominee Donald Trump has also been offered a chance to speak, but has yet to respond. Hilary Clinton has a prior event, so Bill Clinton will speak in her place. The AAJA said:
"This tri-partisan AAPI Presidential Election Forum is historic..."For the first time, the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian presidential campaigns will directly speak at the same event to the AAPI community at large" -Paul Cheung, AACA
This marks the first time that representatives of both presidential campaigns, and the third party candidate, Johnson, will be speaking at the same time if Trump agrees upon. There will be over 4000 AAJA journalists watching in attendance and various other watch parties.
The event will be Friday in Las Vegas at 2 P.M.

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