Every Larry David as Bernie sketch, ranked

Saturday Night Live

With Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee, Bernie Sanders may be fading from the spotlight. Sadly, that means we'll see less of Larry David too, at least until the next season of Curb.

David's impersonation of Bernie on SNL was perhaps the funniest thing to come out of the Presidential race (Marco Rubio's water thing was a close second).

Here's our tribute to the best SNL 'candidate' since Will Ferrell as George W. Bush. Every Bernie sketch, ranked:

1. Bern Your Enthusiasm

Bernie's neurotic refusal to shake hands & have 2% milk in his coffee

2. Bernie & Hillary at the bar

Bernie: "It's rigged!" 
Hillary: "I know! It's so rigged!"

3. Democratic Debate

"I don't have a Super PAC. I don't even have a back-pack!!"


4. Dem Debate round 2

"When people hear my message it resonates loud and clear. Because I talk like I'm on the other side of a river"

5. MSNBC Forum

"The only people I like are my seven adorable grandchildren. The youngest one is so cute—he just turned 40"