Donald Trump To Unveil Anti-Terrorism Plan

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will lay out his plan for battling Islamic terror Monday in Ohio, specifically revealing his plan for defeating ISIS and other terror groups. Trump's plan will specifically talk about ways to weed out potential extremist immigrants and creating strong relationships with allies in the Middle East. Trump compared the current battle to a fundamental idealogical war, as one of his advisors said:
"We can't always choose our friends, but we know that we have to fight our enemies. We are going to work with anyone in the Middle East who is in agreement with us that ISIS needs to be extinguished" -Trump Advisor
Trump's ban will likely include a ban on immigration for anyone traveling from a high risk country or country connected with terrorism. Trump has also proposed in the past a temporary ban on all Muslim immigration into the country.
The proposal will also include a call for a test to determine the idealogical make-up of potential immigrants to help eliminate potential extremists from entering the country. Trump's advisor expanded:
"We have no reason to bring someone into our country who is going to harbor that hostility. We want to bring in people who are reformers or who support moderation or who embrace or expand pluralistic ideas" -Trump Campaign Advisor to CNN

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