Donald Trump Supporters Don't Care About Controversies Surrounding Campaigns

A new Washington Post Article highlights that many Trump supporters do not care about the controversies surrounding him, with many saying Hillary Clinton's scandals are worse. The Washington Post interviewed many people at Trump rallies. For example, Jeff Jerrell, a contractor in Florida said: 

“If that’s all they got, they got nothing....The number one thing that I love about him the most is that he stood up to the Old Establishment of both the Democratic and Republican parties...The Old Establishment is not supporting him, and he won’t need them."
-Jeff Jerrell to Washington Post

The Post went to a rally in Jacksonville, Florida and encountered many voters, many who were veterans who also discounted the scandals, saying the state of the country transcended any small side businesses. They also emphasized that Trump was bringing patriotic people together in a way they had not seen since 9/11 and he would, in his words "Make America Great Again". Many in our own comments sections also said the scandals should be expected of anyone in the private sector, whereas someone like Hillary Clinton who has been a lifelong politician should be held to a higher standard.